Pantovital with Golden Root in honey

Endurance. Vascular health. Longevity.

Increases physical and mental endurance, helping to strengthen the cardiovascular system


Ripe mountain honey, Pantovital Plus (powder of Altai maral deer antlers), Golden Root (Arctic Root, Rhodiola rosea)


Ripe mountain honey, ripening for several years. It has a very high digestibility and is low allergenic.

Golden Root is one of the most popular herbs with tonizing and adaptogenic effects. It is a natural alternative to synthetic antidepressants, causes neither addiction nor withdrawal syndromes. The Golden Root supports the immune system and the energy storage mechanisms in the body, supplies energy, encourages mental activity and performance. 

Product meeting Czech State Health Institute certification.


Taking honey with the maral deer antler powder and Golden Root is useful:

• to increase vitality in case of nervous and physical exhaustion, increased fatigue, weakness, loss of strength;

• to improve physical and mental performance during periods of high energy expenditure (for example, when compiling an important report, when preparing for exams or sports competitions);

• in any stressful situations to reduce irritability and minimize consequences of nervous strain;

• to strengthen resistance of the body during epidemics and to recover from illnesses.

Recommendations for use

Stir the product before use, take 1 tablespoon (15 g) once in the morning (keeping it in mouth for a while). It is recommended to use the product in individual courses, taking 1 kg during each course, namely twice a year.


Individual intolerance to the product, pregnancy.

Energy value in 100 g of product

320 kcal. (1340 kJ)


Shelf life 2 years.

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