Pantovital Plus with Red Root

Support of blood vessels and heart.

Tonizes the organism and optimizes the circulatory system.


Pantovital Plus (powder of Altai maral deer antlers), Red Root (Hedysarum theinum)


Healthy effect of the Red Root is ensured by a high amount of active substances contained in it, including catechins, which have an antioxidant effect, strengthen the cardiovascular system and contribute to excretion of heavy metals from the organism.

The Red Root has strong positive effects on men's health, in particular a non-hormonal stimulating effect on the reproductive system. 

Product meeting Slovak Public Health Authority certification.

Amount of capsules

Maral deer antlers and Red Root are recommended:

• to increase vitality of the body and strengthen the erectile function;

• to protect health and optimize function of the cardiovascular system;

• in case of decreased memory and attention functions, including those associated with age-related changes in brain functions;

• to reduce manifestations of the chronic fatigue syndrome, under conditions of high physical and mental stress, to achieve sports results;

• to increase efficiency of regenerative processes after injuries and in case of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

• to strengthen the immune system, including prevention of upper respiratory tract infections and influenza during seasonal epidemics.

Recommendations for use

Adults - 2 capsules twice a day. Period of use: 1 month. Repeated use during the year is also possible.


Individual intolerance to the product, pregnancy.


Shelf life 2 years.

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