ALTAY HERBICA presents a unique production made of environmentally pure natural ingredients from the Altai Republic - Pantovital Plus


A new philosophy of health - Pantovital Plus products

Pantovital Plus is the product containing Maral deer antlers and medicinal herbs. ALTAY HERBICA offers Europeans a set of high-quality and highly effective products preserving power of nature of the Altai Mountains and contribute to maintain health and prolong longevity. This has been achieved thanks to cooperation of the ALTAY HERBICA company with the Altai company Revital, which has gathered years of experience in this field, and since 1991 it has been creating the products that preserve the power of nature and help maintain human health.

ALTAY HERBICA and Revital have been working together since 2021. Our common goal is to preserve the invaluable wealth not only of every person, but also of the society as a whole - HEALTH.


Why Revital?

There are several reasons:

  • Revital has its own raw material base of more than 3,000 hectares: the natural Maral deer farm located in the Uimon Valley in the Katun State Natural Biosphere Reserve.
  • Uimon Valley is the area of untouched Altai countryside nature: there is not a single production facility within the radius of 300 kilometres.

In the antlers of the Maral deer, living in their natural environment, content of the biologically active substances is several times higher than in the antlers of the standard farm animals. Together we prepare antlers in the period of their maximum saturation with active substances. We utilize the whole antlers, including their upper, the most valuable part, which contains many times more active substances than in the lower and central part.

In our products, the Altai Maral deer antlers are combined with wild-growing endemic plants of the Altai Mountains (Red brush, Red root, Golden root) and valuable medicinal mushrooms (Chaga mushroom, Reishi mushroom). Plants and medicinal mushrooms in the Uimon Valley accumulate many times more antioxidants than in lowlands with mild climate. Specific soil and climatic conditions of the Uimon Valley and the Altai Highlands contribute to a higher accumulation of active substances in the plant roots and in the mushrooms than in zone of plains and foothills. For honey compositions the honey, collected on the territory of the Altai Mountains, is used.

Centuries of proven technology, unique raw materials and modern research by the Altaic scientists have made it possible to produce unique products from Maral deer antlers with a high efficiency.

In our shop you can buy the following products:

  • Pantovital Plus capsules with micronized powder of Altai Maral deer antlers and capsules, where the antlers are combined with wild plants - roots of endemic plants of the Altai Mountains (Red brush, Red root, Marian root, Golden root, Maral root) and valuable mushrooms (Chaga mushroom, Reishi mushroom).
  • honey compositions - collection of Pantovital delicacies, titbits - healthy desserts, where the mountain honey extends the range of features of the antlers and wild plants of the Altai Mountains beneficial to health.

The highest quality and scientifically proven efficiency is the very advantage of our products. There are no excipients in our capsules and honey compositions. Only 100% powder from the Maral deer antlers. In the EU territory, it is no longer any problem to buy Pantovital Plus in capsules or honey compositions. Just visit our e-shop and choose the desired product.


Altay Herbica

  • guarantees high quality of the raw materials, efficiency of action, purity and authenticity of the product,
  • in our shop you can find what suits you best and at an affordable price!
  • guarantees exceptional product quality and authenticity. Confirmation - certificates for the goods and laboratory test results. 

The Altai Republic is a truly unique place: fresh mountain air, absolutely clean water and lots of plants. Nature itself has exerted every effort to make this region the best place for production of environmentally friendly and clean products, where the latest technologies are wedded with centuries of tradition and experience gathered by many generations. Nature will continue revealing its secrets to us and we, ALTAY HERBICA and Revital, will increase benefits of its gifts by combining them with the latest technologies.

ALTAY HERBICA assists in maintaining health – the sole important value. We work hard to give you and your families the opportunity to maintain your health every day, using natural products of perfect quality. 


With the ALTAY HERBICA brand, you will learn a new philosophy of health!