"Pantovital" is the product based on maral deer antlers, endemic plants, valuable mushrooms and mountain honey, created to combat the consequences of poor ecology, stress, lack of sleep and weakened immunity.

What is the advantage of our product?

The maral deer are bred by ourselves and the products are produced by ourselves and therefore we can guarantee that all our products are of high quality and natural, free from any chemicals and binders.

Maral deer of the highest quality

Our noble deer are of the highest quality. Carefully chosen, healthy and highly productive individuals. They graze in the alpine area of 3,000 hectares, in a unique natural and climatic location, on the territory of the Katun Biosphere Reserve at the foot of the Belukha mountain.

Rich in nutrients

We take antlers at the moment of the peak hormonal activity of the maral deer. At that moment, they contain the maximum concentration of useful substances. Our unique products contain 40 key ingredients and 400 active components.

Highly effective

For preparation of our products only the best and most efficient components are used. We utilize only the upper and middle part of the antler, which contain the highest amount of active components.


We make the Altai maral deer antlers - this truly unique super product, representing the most concentrated source of the nutrients ever found in the plant or animal world - even more unique thanks to combination with the healing wild endemic plants and valuable mushrooms of the Altai Mountains.

All our products contain the optimal dosage of the maral deer antlers powder and endemic plants of the Altai Mountains, which fact ensures the maximum stimulating and healing effect without overloading the body.

Pantovital helps to maintain health of the people who are often and long-term ill, who suffer from the chronic fatigue syndrome and live in environmentally unfavourable areas.

Medical product of the maral deer antlers will be especially useful during the stress periods for the body. During recovery after diseases, injuries and surgeries, during preparation for sports competitions, in the season of influenza epidemics and acute upper respiratory tract infections, etc.

Efficacy of the "Pantovital +" maral deer antler powder was confirmed during the study conducted in 2012 on behalf of the Federal State Budget Science Institute of the Tomsk Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia.

The product was tested on the athletes - biathletes, and according to the test results the level of their physical endurance was almost twice as high.