Pantovital Plus with Red Root in honey, Revital series

Support of blood vessels and heart. Male strength. Energy. Health.

Tonizes the body, optimizes the circulatory system. Increases potency and restores function of the male urogenital system. Our most effective product, representing the very basis of the whole product series, from which everything had started!


Ripe mountain honey, Pantovital Plus (powder of Altai maral deer antlers), Red Root (Hedysarum theinum)


This product combines three very valuable natural ingredients: Altai maral deer antlers, high-quality Altai Mountain honey and Red Root extract. The ingredients are selected in the ratio that ensures the maximum positive effect on the human body. 

Product meeting Slovak Public Health Authority certification.


Pantovital honey with Red Root:

• slows down the aging process of the body and prolongs life;

• increases mental and physical performance, vitality; it is indispensable if the nervous system is overworked and exhausted;

• restores immunity and energy balance of the body;

• has a beneficial effect on circulatory disorders, age-related changes in muscles, bones and joints;

• restores potency;

• normalizes metabolism;

• lowers blood cholesterol;

• accelerates recovery after surgery, contributes to rapid wound healing, bone and connective tissue fusion;

• improves the overall physical condition when the weather changes significantly, when the seasons alternate, when the climatic conditions change.

Recommendations for use

Stir the product before use, take 1 tablespoon (15 g) once in the morning (keeping it in mouth for a while). It is recommended to use the product in individual courses, taking 1 kg during each course, namely twice a year.


Individual intolerance to the product, pregnancy.

Energy value in 100 g of product

320 kcal. (1340 kJ)


Shelf life 2 years.

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